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31 August 2023

Catching public transport can be daunting at the best of times, however, with enough preparation and know-how things can run smoothly.

Catching public transport is a great way to explore your local region and to allow you to be independent and integrate back into the community and allow you to regain a sense of purpose and enjoy your life.

Over the years public transport in Brisbane has greatly improved for people with disabilities!

All Brisbane City Council buses now have wheelchair accessibility with a fold-out ramp and have locations for two people in wheelchairs located behind the front wheels/driver. In the good ol’ days we would have to call 48hours in advance to organise the journey! The fold-out ramp is very useful for seniors, people who require a walking frame and parents with prams.


Train stations are slowly improving as time goes by, but not all are as yet accessible. I find the best option is to always check the Translink website or call the relevant authorities to find and prepare your trip to see which stations have access. For example, you may need to find out which stations have ramps, lifts, level platforms, and stations that may also have access to trams, buses and taxis etc. for further destinations. I have found that I always must inform the stationmaster of my destination so they can organise for a ramp upon exiting.


Regarding trams, I have found them to be an excellent source of public transport, they have a smooth transition from platform to carriage. I enjoy trams because I can board and disembark without having to inform a member of staff of your destination. Meaning I am able to travel as an ordinary, independent member of the public and be able to make my own informed choice as to when I choose to disembark. The buttons to open the doors are located quite low so I can exit when I require. Comes in handy when you realise you would like to make a last-minute decision and check out the waterfront at Surfers Paradise!

CityCat ferry’s in Brisbane are another form of public transport that offers great accessibility, as all public is directed on to the Cat via ramps. Depending on the tide, as we all know mother nature has its own schedule, you can get on at one terminal in the morning and embark again in the afternoon and have either a steeper or smoother entrance onto the city cat. Disembarking is a similar situation. The staff are very accommodating and happy to assist. Wheelchair allocations on the CityCat are in multiple locations so you can choose to sit either at the front of the city cat and enjoy the breeze on your face and check out the views of the high-rises and mansions along the Brisbane river, inside the cabin in the comfort of the air conditioning or away from the chilly breeze during winter or you also having the possibility to just relax out the back, watch the views and see the wake the CityCat leaves behind.

With councils and governments becoming more inclusive, the general public is receiving more transport options that include wheelchair-accessible features which then allows us more options for getting out and about, in particular for people who live in or close to those transport hubs or who may not have access to a vehicle.

As these new transport hubs come online, where are provided more opportunities than ever before, it’s now up to us to go forth and conquer!!


"Have wheels, will travel!”

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