24 November 2020

Lights, Camera, Action!

For those who didn’t know I’ve recently become a model. Well, not really, I’m not going to be rolling down the runway again anytime soon (a story for another time). But, I have done a photoshoot with the brilliant Antoine from Malo Photography that made me feel like a regular George Clooney.
1 May 2021

Sitting on a plane

As you may have noticed by now, I love travelling and have been fortunate enough to travel on over 50 flights since my accident – and counting! Along the way I have learnt some handy tips and tricks both first-hand and from fellow travellers which I am going to share in this post. Although air travel is a bit more complicated in a chair, domestic and international travel is easily managed with some prior preparation and an open imagination.
2 May 2021

Temperature Regulation

A question I often get asked is, why do you wear so many jumpers? Especially in the colder months. Spinal cord injuries come with many side effects; one side effect includes the inability to regulate one’s temperature.
15 June 2021

My 10,000 day journey

I recently reached a milestone in my life earlier this year, I have now been in my wheelchair longer than I have walked, and as such have reached more than 10,000 days.