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An Intro Into Flying With A Disability

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16 August 2020
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22 August 2020

Flying is exciting especially for people with a disability.

My first plane trip after my accident was to the snow in Thredbo, NSW, Australia. I had no idea how I would even get onto a plane let alone how I would go flying with a disability. After a bit of research, I was confident flying would be possible for me. It is important to note here that you should speak with your airline early in the holiday planning stages to let them know of your requirements.

It is important once you have checked in for your flight and cleared security and customs that you are at your departure gate at least an hour before departure and make yourself known to airline staff.

Up until this point I am still in my wheelchair and it is important that you ensure pressure care is maintained and that you are comfortable. The airport wheelchairs are not designed personally for you, so it is important to stay in your own wheelchair until the very last minute.

Once the plane is ready to board, the airline staff will escort you down to the plane where you are transferred out of your wheelchair and onto an aisle chair. It is important to ensure you place your pressure cushion onto this aisle chair in case there is a delay. The aisle chair is quite small with four wheels and a harness to keep you in position. The airline staff will manoeuvre you onto the plane and into your seat.

I decided recently to purchase a ROHO low profile cushion that I can use on the aircraft seat.

I have had excellent experiences with airline staff being very understanding, especially with pressure care and disabilities.

"Travel is possible”

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