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6 July 2020
An Intro Into Flying With A Disability
20 August 2020

A common question I get asked regarding travelling, is “why do you have so many bags and so many products”

The reason behind this is, I use a range of incontinence products due to my disability and as a result they are not always easy to obtain elsewhere. This may be because I am in another country, on a cruise ship or they may not have the particular products I require at my destination. For example I use Coloplast, and my products have to be ordered in advance.

I have been caught short on several occasions, without enough incontinence products and have had to spend time shopping around looking for similar products. On one occasion I had to visit numerous pharmacies asking “Do you have three packets of gloves and KY gel?” and “Do you have any Milton tablets?". So, after several close calls and speaking to nurses and fellow travellers, I now travel with enough supplies to last me up to 3 weeks past my return date of travel.

When I travel on an aircraft, I carry all my incontinence products as hand luggage and not checked luggage. The reason for this is that it will always be with me, where as a checked bag could be sent to the wrong destination or lost. Then I will be in major trouble. Remembering I am going on holidays and do not have time to be trying to find places to purchase new supplies.

Carrying the extra supplies also covers me if I become sick due to eating or drinking something dodgy.

"You can never have too many products! ”

Where shall my next adventure be...

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