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Rollin’ into the waves, Hawaiian style
11 March 2014
My Daily Essentials
16 August 2020

Milestones are big factor in people’s lives, this milestone marked the first time I got back into the pool for the first time in 25 years! The even better part was I was in Hawaii 🤙🌞.

This was all possible due to the Outrigger Waikiki hotel, with their pool hoist, helpful staff, my slide board along with my new floaty device.

My friend and I were able to transfer onto the pool hoist which is bolted to the side of the pool and we were able to use the remote to lower me into the warm salty water. Yes, I was very nervous and once we got comfortable there was no drama at all. Besides I had an awesome view overlooking the ocean and then it was time to celebrate this moment with the piña colada poolside 🍹.

As I have impaired sensation throughout my body, it was awesome to be able to enjoy.

I have an incomplete injury which means I have altered sensation and to be able to experience the water over my body and to be able to try a new experience was fantastic.

Outrigger Waikiki advised me that they had a ADA pool (USA standard for wheelchair access) so I was encouraged to take a dip. In the months prior I informed my exercise physiologist and travel buddy of my intentions.

So, we worked on an exercise routine to prepare me for my new adventure. Stay tuned for my next adventure.

"Swimming is achievable.”

Hawiian Waimea Canyon

Hawiian Waimea Canyon

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