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Hot Tubbin’ in Hawaii

Kudos to KLYP!
17 October 2020
25 October 2020

I never thought I would end up getting into a hot tub after my injury.

However, I got the opportunity when I was holidaying in Hawaii.

The Outrigger Waikiki Hotel that I was staying at had a hoist that I could use to get in and out of the hot tub. My friend helped with a slide board transfer from my wheelchair onto the pool hoist seat, once I was positioned, I used a restrainer strap around my chest & legs to help keep me supported. I could use the two-button remote enabling me to easily lower myself into the hot tub.

My physiotherapist prewarned me to be mindful of the water temperature, skin integrity and overall time spent in the hot tub. Taking in his considerations; I wore socks to protect my feet and had Coloplast Brava Elastic Tape around the base plate of my stoma. I was advised to limit my time in the water, to avoid overheating and causing any skin or pressure care issues.

I found that being in the warm water was extremely helpful and relaxing, especially as it calmed my muscle spasms.

We were easily able to spend 20 minutes relaxing and watching the sunset over the Hawaiian coastline. What a way to enjoy a hot tub!

"Hot tubs are awesome.”

Hawiian Waimea Canyon

Hawiian Waimea Canyon

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