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Kudos to KLYP!

My AT Life!
19 September 2020
Hot Tubbin’ in Hawaii
25 October 2020

Sometimes opportunities come along when you least expect...

Establishing my own website has been an idea in the pipeline for a few years now.

When I’ve met different people along my journey the one question I get asked the most is "How do I live such full and independent life?”.

So, a website seemed a logical choice as way to share my experiences and ultimately answer this question to a broader audience. Who would have thought that all it took would be a global pandemic to allow me to complete this goal?

On my own, it was a challenge however it was made possible with the fantastic and generous support of KLYP, Chris and his team.

I had a clear idea in mind of what the My C5 Life website would entail, and I am happy it has come to fruition greater than I ever could have imagined. This opportunity has extended my platform and allowed me to share information and encourage people both with a disability and their support team.

If you are ever looking for digital marketing or web development be sure to contact Chris and his team at KLYP!

"Taking the next step!”

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