30 August 2020


Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world – Catch a Wave, Beach Boys To be honest I never thought I would get the opportunity to go surfing. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance (well, not physically).
22 August 2020

Everyday Life!

Every day is different for me and that is just the way I like it! I have a life jammed packed of different activities and adventures and this is where I hope to share some of these with you. Public speaking – I am often approached by different people and businesses to share my lived experiences
20 August 2020

An Intro Into Flying With A Disability

Flying can be very daunting especially for someone with a disability. My first plane trip after my accident was to the snow in Thredbo, NSW, Australia. I had no idea how I would even get onto a plane let alone how I would go flying with a disability. After a bit of research,
16 August 2020

My Daily Essentials

A common question I get asked regarding travelling, is “why do you have so many bags and so many products”